8 January 2017

KEIJTECH Reverse Tower

The all new KEIJTECH Reverse is the first “forward facing wakeboardtower” from the KEIJTECH brand. This is the new trend in Wakeboardtowers and looks great on Wakeboardboats as well as Larger sports boats and speedcruisers up to about 28 feet.

Our Reverse tower has it’s mounting Feet further apart than the other brands forward facing towers, therefore less forces will be applied on your boats hull during wakeboarding. The Reverse wakeboardtower has a double Topbar to make sure the sideways stability of the Tower is excellent.

The tower fits on all boats from 1,80 meters wide up to 2,5 meters wide. The tower can be folded down and all KEIJTECH accessories will fit the tower.


  • Keijtech Reverse Tower in polished finish 1149 euro.
  • Reverse tower in black edition 1249 euro.