28 February 2016

Open exhaust diverter systems

New product development by Keijtech: The electronic switchable open uitlaat klep + doorvoerexhaust systems for Mercruiser and Volvo Penta V8 engines.
(4 inch boat exhaust systems)

The market offers a lot of exhaust diverter systems which have the big disadvantage that they will not close the exhaust system good enough, and therefore they are still way too loud when you want them to be silent.

When you are boarding the boat in the harbour, parking the boat at a beach or crossing a busy river you just do not want to have a loud boat. At these moments, the KEIJTECH exhaust diverter valves gives you the solution. our system closes the through hull exhaust 100% and gives you the originional sound of your boat when you want it.

We are able to close the exhaust completely because we do not use the conventional butterfly exhaust, but we have developed a special valve system which pushes the valve into a fire proof rubber gasket. with one flick of the switch on your dashboard you have the origionional silent sound of your boat, or the loud V8 soundtrack you love.

Our system is fabricated on CNC machines from AISI316 Stainless steel material and then hand welded and polished to a nice finish. The system does not use the magnetic solenoids which need electric power all the time, but it uses electric servo motors who only need power when you operate them. because you only power them for a few seconds every time you use the system, they last longer than the magnetic solenoids of other brands.

a set of two exhaust diverters, straight back, 4 inch including the wire loom, electronic servo motors, and switch costs 1250 Euro. (excluding the exhaust tips, excluding shipping costs, including sales tax)

Other lay-outs of the system can be bought standard from our normal designs, or we can allso make you a custom system if your boat has very limited free space in the engine compartiment.

The through hull exhaust tips can be chosen in 2 basic versions. Straight back through the hull under the boarding platform, or out the sides of the boat.

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