28 February 2016


The KEIJTECH FE4, the flagship model tower of our brand.

This wakeboard tower combines the stability of the double topbar design with the easy folding ability of the horizontal bottom bars. Altogether gives this tower a very impressive look and will look excellent on the larger boats upwards from 5,5 meters long. (18 feet)

  • FE4 in polished finish 999 euro.
  • FE4 black edition 1099 euro.

You can add all the KEIJTECH accessories to the tower.

The height of the tower is about 2,1 meters, measured from the floor of the boat up to the underside of the double topbar.

FE4 kaal donker

fe4 op mastercraft 2

FE4 tower mastercraft

FE4 gemonteerd Fourwinns