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Welcome at Keijtech

We’d like to welcome you at Keijtech

Knowledge, experience and the Keijtech brand.

Keijtech was originally a trading company. Since 2013, we have been active in the trade of both water sports products (used boats, boat trailers and accessories) and business goods (machines, vehicles, tools).

We have now developed our own Keijtech product line with products such as wakeboard towers, switchable exhaust systems and swimming platforms.

We are happy to provide you with insight into our products and services. If you have any questions or if you are interested in a product, we ask you to contact us. In this way we know for sure that the product suits your needs.


The Keijtech range

At Keijtech we have both technical knowledge and our own product line.
Click on the buttons below to get acquainted with some of our products and the offer in occasions.

Used boats

Depending on what is offered to us, Keijtech is selling used boats

Open exhaust diverter systems

Opt for the original engine sound with a Keijtech open exhaust system

Wakeboard towers

Get on your board more easily with a Keijtech wakeboard tower.

Keijtech extended swimming platforms

The newest addition to our Keijtech boat adjustments collection, is a universal extended swim platform for your boat. When buying a new boat, you can almost always choose for this option, but if your used boat does not have it, it is difficult to obtain. Keijtech hopes to be able to offer a solution with this. Contact us for more information.


Purchasing of used boats

Sell your boat without the hassle of advertisements, fortune seekers and missed appointments? Keijtech is constantly looking for used boats. Our preference is for (speed) boats with an inboard motor, water ski boats, console boats, RIB boats and speed cruisers up to 8 meters.

Feel free to send us an email with the details of the boat and some pictures. We will make you a good offer within a few days. Do assume trade prices. We collect the boat from you by appointment, preferably within one week. Boats with a defect or without a trailer are also no issue for us.