About our company

Keijtech has started a couple of years ago as a trading company. We started out selling machines and equiptment aswell as used boats and boat trailers. Nowadays KEIJTECH also has her own brand of technical watersports products such as the wakeboardtowers, wakeboard tower accessories, open exhaust diverter systems and T-top Bimini's. With this website, we want to inform our customers about our products and services. Please check the menu to get more information on our products..

Used boats

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Custom boat covers

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Open exhaust systems

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Wakeboard towers

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New: T-top bimini

KEIJTECH T-top bimini specially developed for consoleboats and RIB boats. Now available from stock! Please check the menu for more information and pictures of the new product.

Open exhaust systems for V8 boats

You have a V8 boat, but the original sound is just way to silent for you. The problem is that almost all open exhaust systems on the market do not close off completely and are way too loud when you want them to be silent. KEIJTECH has developed a Exhaust diverter system which does close off your thru hull exhaust completely, giving you the original sound when you want it. Most of the time you want to drive your boat comfortably and silent, specially when you dock the boat late at night or when you are in a crowded place. At these moment you will love your KEIJTECH exhaust system. Just when you want it, blasting on the water for half an hour, our exhaust will give you the perfect V8 sound, letting you enjoy the silence of the boat in comfort the rest of the day. Check the exhaust systems page and contact us if you want more information.
Contact us at Info@keijtech.nl or by telephone at 0031641518297